Reduce human phishing risks by as much as 75%.

91% of data breaches start with humans falling for increasingly crafty phishing scams. These email cons affect our productivity, worry our users.  One bad click and poof, your business has ransomware or is scammed out of money. 
Today we have tools to prevent our users from falling victim to these cons. Our engaging security awareness program is designed to help create a human shield, protecting your users and organization from the crafty tactics used by cybercriminals.
Managing the ongoing problem of social engineering just got easier.
The Auvente Security Awareness Program includes:
  • Short, animated videos of real life breaches to educate users
  • Anti-phishing tools so users can quickly see when an email is phishing and avoid it.
  • Employee Credential Monitoring to discover when your passwords have been sold on the dark web. 

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Auvente Phish Screenshot